Our Mission

We are Innovate Clinical Centres, a dedicated patient research facility specializing in human clinical trials. Our primary goal is to provide cutting edge drug and treatment options for patients. We will be working with physicians and industry specialists to advance medical knowledge and increase treatment options against today’s most debilitating diseases.

Why Should I Participate

You should weigh all potential options before you take part in a clinical trial. As the purpose of a clinical trial is evaluating a new treatment option, there is no guarantee that the medication will provide benefits. Some benefits of a clinical trial may include:

Trial related procedures and medical care costs being covered.

Excellent medical care.

Travel and visit costs reimbursed.

The opportunity to help future generations.

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Our Facility

Our facility is a 2600 square foot state of the art clinical research centre for investigational products and medical devices. All rooms are equipped with the latest medical and technical equipment to help facilitate a flawless patient experience.

Sponsors & Research Partnerships

We offer a variety of contract services to companies wishing to advance their product through all phases of clinical trials. Innovate Clinical Centres in is partnership with a dedicated reserach lab and can move your product from conception through to post market surveillance. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Are you a Sponsor or CRO looking for additional clinical trial sites? Please contact us at info@invp-clinicaltrials.com

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